BEYOND 30,000
5 Advanced Strategies for Group Owners Who Want to Create Tight-Knit and Wildly-Profitable Communities
"The game changes beyond 30,000 fans"
Join me (Jill Stanton) as I walk you through the advanced strategies I’ve been using in my free Facebook group to take it from 0 to 45,000+ hyper-engaged members in under 2 years. 

This 5-part series focuses on using Facebook groups to strategically grow your business, while fostering a community of stark raving fans and is co-hosted by our former Ad Strategist, Amanda Bond.

  •  Lesson 1: How To Set Rock-Solid Rules for Your Group
  •  Lesson 2: How To Sell in Your Group, without Feeling “Salesy” or Desperate
  •  Lesson 3: How To Spot the Stars in Your Group 
  •  Lesson 4: How To Use Other People’s Groups to Grow Your Business
  •  Lesson 5: How To Manage Your Group in Less than an Hour a Day
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